Christmas support for Cornerstone

You may have noticed that along with the Community Centre we have a Christmas Tree in Cornerstone. This is decorated with tags marked with Christmas hamper items. You can take a tag and bring us back the Christmas foods which will go towards making up Christmas hampers. This is being run by the Branch charity in Chipping Norton and hampers will be provided to households in need including those we support in Charlbury. 

We will also be distributing vouchers to our families to help them purchase gifts for their children, and we will do an extra food parcel for Christmas. If you would like to help us financially with this, please do come in and donate in store. 

A number of people have been kind enough to donate us their energy rebates – we are very happy to receive more of these. Details of how to donate can be found at 

Finally, we have Christmas cards for sale in Cornerstone so do come and have a browse. 

Many thanks all