Holiday Club 2023

The annual Churches Together in Charlbury Holiday Club, took place in St. Mary’s church during the week beginning 31st July.  Fifty-two children enjoyed funny dramas, games, singing, music making, art and crafts.  Each day, by way of a Time Machine, everyone travelled back in time, to meet a child from the bible who had been kind and who had listened to God – such as Miriam who saved baby Moses and the boy who shared his five loaves and two fishes. St Mary’s future vicar, the  Rev. Fergus Butler-Gallie visited and met all who took part. The church was very festive with balloons, bunting and an array of images from time and space. This year’s Holiday Club provided fun and learning from a happy and talented team of adult leaders. Bishop Gavin led the Sunday Service, from which an outgoing collection raised £186 for the Children’s Society.